Did you think it would be easy?

So quick to admit defeat, so quick to throw in the towel. Just give up because it wasn’t easy. 

Was it easy learning how to walk?

Was it easy leaving your parents on the first day of kindergarten? 

Was it easy learning how to ride a bike?

How about the first time you picked up a guitar, did you immediately know everything there is to know about play guitars? 

Or when you went on your first date. Was it easy going to meet that pretty girls father?

Was it easy to venture out on your own, whether it be college, or the workforce, or trying to make it big with your band. 

Was it easy getting down on one knee, and propose to the woman you love?

Was it easy being there in that hospital while your wife struggled to give birth?

Was it easy learning how to care for that newborn?

Was it easy to drop off that little child on her first day of kindergarten and leaving her there?

Maybe it’s not worth it. Maybe it’s all just too hard. 

You should have just had people carry you all of your life, and decided not to go to school. Chose not to ride a bike, and forget about guitar. No need to go on a first date, meeting girls is too hard, to awkward. Stay at home your whole life, live off of your parents. Not have even give a thought to having a wife or a baby, all of it is just not worth it. 

These joys are given to us in life, as gifts. No, they’re not always easy. Life is a messy and crazy thing, but that’s how you know your living it right. 

So now that you have gotten this dog, fulfilled this dream of yours, are you really going to give up so quickly, after two days? You expected her to fit into your life seamlessly, and without effort. She is 7 months old. She doesn’t know how to be alone, but she would have learned, as we all do, if you had given her a chance. So many people were around you, giving you advice. There are so many options and other reasonable outcomes. Yet you tenaciously held onto your own opinion of this isn’t right. It should be easier than this. So you took her back. This was your chance, and you gave up. It wouldn’t have taken much to keep her. She just needed to be trained, but I guess that was too hard. Maybe having a dog just isn’ t worth it.

Or maybe the best things in life are worth working for. 


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