Preparing for study abroad!


Yes, I am studying abroad. No, I have not been accepted yet. But that’s just a minor detail. I have, of course, been completely obsessing over how I should prepare, what kind of clothes I should wear, and what kind of accessories/gadgets I should buy/prepare for my semester abroad.

I plan on going to Paros Island, Greece in the spring of 2015 and while I am there I will be visiting the other islands as well as Turkey. At the conclusion of my study abroad, my mom will be meeting me on the island and then we will be going on a cruise to visit more of Europe (Eeeek!).

So, what I have learned so far is I need to purchase a top notch camera. Currently I am debating between one of those fancy looking cameras like the Nikon D3100 that goes for about $400 or so, or a GoPro that I can take into those Grecian waters and significantly cheaper at around $200. Here is a great blog about necessary items for a semester abroad, notice the GoPro is definitely one of them: This will probably be my biggest dilemma since so many  blogs are split down the middle on this issue.

Also, apparently, nobody slacks off when they dress. according to, in order to blend in with the locals, “it is important to remember that Athens is known to be a city that is smart-casual, which means that the men are dressed impeccably and the woman are unashamed of their bodies, and opt for clothing that enhance this, such as short skirts and incredibly high heels.” So i suppose I have an excuse to go shopping. My only dilemma is that I need to save room for the things (clothes, souvenirs, everything) I buy there. Here is the link on what to wear in Greece: I’m thinking I will go for a boho/flowy kind of style that will translate well for my first semester when I am still in Whittier, to spring semester in Greece.

Traveling will be amazing, but I am so excited to visit as many local coffee shops as possible so I can get ideas for my own coffee shop! And though this may not be the norm for most study abroad participants, I am incredibly excited for my classes. I am taking a fiction writing class that is geared towards writing a novel and preparing it for publication. How cool is that?? Of course I am also taking a Greek Language class, that I am a little nervous for, but hopefully I can get a book or program to help me start to learn the language. I would really like to immerse myself as much as possible into the culture.

This article on the Huffington post appears to be incredibly helpful: as well as this one:

In conclusion, I am so excited to go!


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